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  • Eleven years as Head of the East Asian Painting Conservation Department at the Smithsonian Institution, Freer Gallery of Art.
  • Completed ten years of apprentice system at the Kyoto National Museum Conservation Studio acknowledged by Education of Ministry, Science and Culture of Japan.
  • Restored Japan's first class National treasures and Imperial collections.
Principal and Director of Studio MIYABI, Fairfax, Virginia
1991 - present
Conservation work for the private museums including: Allen Memorial Art Museum, Appleton Museum of Art, Cincinnati Art Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Lowe Art Museum, Miami University Art Museum.
Important restoration projects were a pair of Tale of Gengi screen (18th century), Rakuchu-rakugaizu byobu screen (Views in and around the capital of Kyoto, 18th century), and Korean painting scrolls (early 17th century) etc.
Head of East Asian Painting Conservation Department, Freer Gallery of Art
1979- 1991
Directed projects including the important works of: Matsushima Screen (17th century) by Sotatsu Tawaraya, Chu Manuscript / the oldest existing silk manuscript found in China, Restoration of 19 scrolls and hand scrolls from the permanent collections of The St, Louis Art Museum.
Chief of Staff, Usami Conservation Studio / Kyoto National Museum, Japan
Directed work on Cultural Properties including: Katsura Imperial Villa (Japan's most Important 17th century cultural treasure) comprehensive restoration project including screen Paintings and wall paintings, 13th century Imperial collection hand scrolls, series of temple wall paintings by Sosen Mori (Sosen's oldest works), Hamamatsu screen (18th century) complete restoration.
Project Leader / Staff Conservator, Usami Conservation Studio / Kyoto National Museum
1968 - 1978
Led the complete restoration of Japanese screen doors (Fusumae) made by Kano School (early 17th century) in Nishi Honganji Temple, a designated first class national treasure.

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